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Preparation for certification

Consistent quality

Skilled experts working in our company have not only extensive experience in Management systems development and implementation, but are also the actual auditors of leading certification bodies.

Competitive price

you determine the amount of consultations required for the successful implementation of the project, and pay only for real labor of our experts.

Optimal timing

we have worked out and well-proven solutions almost for all manufacturing and services sectors.

We guarantee the successful completion of certification of your company in any chosen certification body!

  • Is your company interested in improving the efficiency of the Quality management system, and / or environmental and / or occupational health and safety management systems?
  • Do your customers or partners require the evidence of your management system compliance with the international standards, such as ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001, IATF 16949, etc. ?
  • Do the conditions of the tender in which your company is going to take part include the existence of the Certificate of management system conformance?
  • Does your company have a problem with the quality of products or services? Did your company begin to lose market positions? Do your customers prefer the products and services of your competitors?
  • Is your business frequently inspected by regulatory authorities? Are you paying huge fines for non-compliance with environmental and occupational safety legislation?
  • Do you want to improve your company’s image and gain new competitive advantage?

If you agree even with one above item, the management system of your company must be certified by an independent certification body!

  • Gap-analysis of your current management system for compliance with the declared standards
  • Policy and objectives development
  • Management system documentation
  • Training of the personnel on how to fulfill the requirements of the management system
  • Training, certification and practical study of the internal auditors
  • Management review
  • Carrying out of the Readiness review
  • Assistance in selection of certification body
  • Support within the certification