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Environmental protection and the growing pressure from public and statutory requirements are leading to changes concerning business conduction all over the world. Clients, customers and stockholders increasingly want to get products and services that don’t impact harmfully on environment. It becomes essential for companies to demonstrate that not only their basic principles, but also investment policy and every day activities are conducted with regard to nature protection.

Experience of abroad and a number of national organizations evidence that environmental management ensures the fulfillment of such combination. Thanks to technological discipline and improving of general corporate culture this method of industrial entity management gives an opportunity to reduce natural recourses consumption by one third and to reduce an adverse impact on the environment.

ISO 14001 – is an acknowledged international standard for the development and implementation of the environmental management systems. The Standard establishes the best practices concerning ecological aspects of your activities, manufactured products and provided services, taking into consideration environment protection, pollutions preventing and social and economic requirements.

Advantages of the environmental management system implementation:

  • Bringing the activities of an enterprise into compliance with the requirements of environmental legislation;
  • Efficient use of raw materials, energy and other kinds of recourses, reducing of costs associated with the impact on the environment.
  • Use of additional capacities to prevent the emergency situations and potential accidents at the enterprise, which can lead to significant environmental pollution and financial looses.
  • Creating of a more favorable image of a company among population and public.
  • Reducing the adverse impact on the environment through the more efficient management.

Informational and consultation workshops are conducted within the project for all levels of company personnel:

  • EMS-01 «Environmental management system based on ISO 14001:2015»
  • EMS-02 «Internal audit of the Environmental management system based on ISO 14001:2015»
  • EMS-03 «Methods of analysis of environmental aspects and impacts»