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IRIS (International Railway Industry Standard) – is a widely recognized international standard that defines the basic requirements for manufacturers of railway equipment and components suppliers to the railway industry companies. Proposed by UNIFE and supported by transport operators, system integrators and manufactures of equipment, international standard IRIS is based on the main requirements of ISO 9001 and is completed with the specific requirements for manufactures – suppliers for railway industry.

The main objective of IRIS is reduction of costs throughout the whole supply chain thanks to the more efficient and effective business-processes, as well as development and implementation of the unified system for assessment and certification of management systems of railway industry enterprises.

It should be noted that the step-by-step transfer of railway industry to the requirements of IRIS standard is planned until 2015 year in the strategic management policy of Russian Railways concerning suppliers. And it is not accidental because IRIS is focused on satisfaction of the most actual modern requirement, such as safety and efficiency.

The first official version of IRIS, which takes into consideration the specific requirements of railway industry, was issued in 2006. Such leaders of railway industry as Siemens and Bombardier took part into its elaboration. On June 18, 2009 a new version of IRIS Rev.02 was issued.

The main changes in comparison with the previous version of IRIS are:

  • The standard is unified with the requirements of ISO 9001:2008;
  • The integration with the guide lines of ISO 9004:2009 is conducted;
  • The standard is brought with the compliance with the requirements of railway operators;
  • The requirement for the remote sites are specified;
  • Explanations concerning the assessment of activities are added;
  • The evaluation of the system using Key Performance Indications is brought into the common table.

The main advantages of IRIS implementation are:

  • Modern and widely used management tools in practice of leading businesses;
  • Efficient relations between Russian Railways and key suppliers of rolling-stock, railway vehicles, crucial components, complete units, components and materials for the improvement of quality, reliability, safety and delivery time;
  • Efficient information exchange between suppliers for railway industry;
  • Quality, reliability and delivery time improvement;
  • Increase of labor productivity, costs and losses reduction;
  • Increase of capabilities and facilities of business processes.

IRIS feature is a unified system of scoring for evaluation of the continuous improvement of company performance. During auditing, the results are recorded in a special reference book of IRIS audits and are evaluated in accordance with scoring system, based on IRIS check-list. Evaluation results are added to the date base of UNIFE suppliers, where they are becoming available for all customers of rolling-stock and railway components and materials. This model of evaluation allows monitoring the continuous improvement of the company.

Basic management tools, utilized in IRIS:

  • Project management (PM);
  • Risks management;
  • LCC и LEAN concepts;
  • RAMS management;
  • KPI system;
  • First Article Inspection (FAI);
  • Change management.

The dynamics of IRIS utilization in the world

  • 312 companies, which confirmed compliance of their management systems to the requirements of IRIS, were certified (actual on 01.11.2009);
  • More than 500 railway organizations are already registered on IRIS portal and are working to achieve IRIS standard;
  • 14 certification bodies are accredited for providing the certification services on IRIS standard;
  • More them 280 auditors are trained by IRIS center for conducting high qualified auditing;
  • The second version of IRIS standard Rev.02 is issued officially on four languages: English, German, French and Italian. Also, throughout the national associations the materials concerning IRIS are available in Spanish and Czech languages. Russian companies can utilize materials in listed above languages for the moment.

Besides the suggested project “IRIS requirements implementation. Preparation for certification”, which includes following services:

  • Pre-audit of company’s management system,
  • Technical auditing of the main business processes,
  • Round of training workshops and practical courses for company’s employees,
  • Participation in internal normative documentation writing,
  • Internal audit and assessment,

Business Consulting Group suggests informational-methodological workshop IRIS -01 “Introduction to management system, brought into compliance with IRIS requirements. IRIS Standard requirements. Main IRIS management tools”.