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  • The rapid growth of your company led to the fact that its effectiveness has fallen significantly:
    • Communications between departments are disrupted;
    • There are losses and distortion of information;
    • A huge number of reports are created, but the included information is not subsequently controlled or used.
    • Managers of all levels spend majority of their time participating in the meetings.
  • Do you want to ensure the transparency of your management and to improve the personnel performance?
  • Did your company decide to implement an automated management system?
  • Do you want to benchmark with the leading companies of the business sector?

If you agree even with one above item, the best solution is to describe the business processes of your company!

We offer you a range of services for the description of business processes, which include:

  • Building a process model: identification of primary and secondary processes, determination of their sequences, relationships, and responsible owners.

  • Process maps making: a graphical description of each process, the definition of performance indicators of the processes, checkpoints, methods of monitoring and measurement.

  • Development of regulations for the processes execution.

  • Development of the Departments Manuals and the job instructions with reference to the organizational process model.

Our advantages

  • Qualification – our experts are knowledgeable and experienced in the most popular notations used for processes description (IDEF, ARIS standards)
  • Individual approach – we always offer a solution that best fits your company to the price, labor costs and project timeline.
  • Succession of solutions – thanks to the cooperation with the leading companies involved in business automation, the outputs of our project can be fully utilized as inputs for automation process.

We guarantee that by the end of the project it will be much easier managing your company!