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  • Your organizational Management system is certified, but there are no qualified internal auditors; internal audits are performed formally and do not determine problems in management.
  • You are required to choose/to change suppliers or subcontractors and for this goal you want to evaluate their management systems level and readiness to meet your requirements, but you are not qualified enough to do this.
  • Your company has prepared the Management system for certification by itself. But you are not sure that all requirements were taken in consideration.
  • Normative documentation was developed, but listing and updating of the existing documents were not ensured, so there are contradictions in the documentation and the employees don’t know which documents to be guided at points of use.

If you agree even with one item listed above, you need to use the services of professional auditors!

We are ready to offer the following services:

  • Internal auditing of your company’s Management system;
  • Auditing the management systems of your suppliers and subcontractors;
  • Performance of the pre-audit in order to verify that the organization is ready for the certification;
  • The review of Management system’s documentation in relation of its adequacy, sufficiency, completeness and consistency.

Our advantages:

  • Competence – our experts are the registered auditors of the leading bodies for management systems certification; they are directly involved in the audits.
  • Efficiency – our experts will conduct an audit in timeline convenient for you and will present a report no later than the first working week after its completion.
  • Privacy is ensured by terms of the contract and declarations of individual auditors who conduct assessment and audit.

We guarantee that on the basis of the results of our audit you will get an objective view of the examined area and will make correct management decisions!